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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Lin Chong

this character is called Lin Chong, from a Chinese classical novel called Water Margin, the novel details the trials and tribulations of 108 outlaws during the mid Song Dynasty. Lin Chong stood at 6 feet 4 inches (192 cm), with fierce eyes and a head like a leopard, thus earning him the nickname : Panther Head. He lived a prestigious early life with a distinguished service as the training instructor of the 800,000-strong Imperial Guards. Once, when accompanying his wife to a temple, he got to know the monk Lu Zhishen and both became sworn brothers. However, his beautiful wife caught the eye of Gao Yanei, the foster son of Gao Qiu, the high-ranking Song official and eventual nemesis of the Liangshan bandits. Gao Yanei tried to rape Lin Chong's wife by getting Lu Qian, Lin Chong's friend, to divert his attention away by asking him out for drinks. Luckily, Lin Chong returned in time and rescue his wife. Gao Yanei escaped in a frenzy. he is one of my favorite character, I drew him when I was listening to the story. I am gonna to draw other characters from Water Margin, they are sooooo interesting and cool.

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